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2nd Floor Rear 2017: Ritual (full video)

2nd Floor Rear 2017: RITUAL was a moveable feast of artist-run events, projects, exhibitions, and performances that illuminated the occult, hidden nature of alternative arts practices and the communities of care that spring up around them.


Appearing here:

This Ritual of Dreams, curated by Danielle Wordelman, exhibition at F4F
A Sonic Feast as Venus Approaches Mars, Participatory Music Coalition, ritual participatory event at F4F
Flesh Deity, Mariel Harari, installation and performance at the Hairpin Arts Center
Channeling the Spirit of Human Future, Christopher Allman, installation and performance at the Hairpin Arts Center, with Ebboni WatFord and Nick Benji
Again and again, Hanna M. Owens and Kelly Thomas, exhibition at the Hairpin Arts Center
A Moises Imbatchi Experience, Joshua M. McCormick, public performance
Por la Mañana: a Community Cafe, Fontaine Capel, installation at Hume Chicago
Ritual Through Diaspora, JCSpace Radio, performance at Hume Chicago
Glitter Beach Oasis, Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero, performative experience at AMFM Gallery
An Altar to a Chosen Family, Chiara Galimberti, installation at Corner
Daily Routine Fest, Pinky Swear, mini-festival with Ambrosia Bartosekulva and Emme Williams
Memory Mandala (Found Objects), Nancy VanKanegan, installation and performance at Mana Contemporary Chicago with Debi Buzil, Bill Hyland, and Doni VanBeek

2nd Floor Rear 2017: RITUAL was supported in part by the Cliff Dwellers Arts Foundation, Common Field, and Cards Against Humanity.

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