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Stix n Shyt (pronounced "Sticks and Shit") is the on-going, food-based, text message conversation and digital culinary workshop between artists Jonny Sommer and Rachel Borchers.

The realms of food, photography and communication are playfully explored under the guise of an imaginary brunch restaurant named "Stix n Shyt", aptly named so after one afternoon of the artists enjoying a meal together on their apartment's front stoop, then dirtied with random sticks, shit and other common street detritus. Photo documentation occurs of snacks and meals prepared by each artist and are shared with each other in moments of humorous hospitality experimentation. As an informal exploration of meal preparation and long distance friendship, Stix n Shyt lives on as an ever-growing, digitally-shared meal experience and "text-message conversation as cookbook" that seeks to engage themes of creative food styling, meal sharing in times of social isolation and ultimately what it means to break bread together.