H O M O C C U L T 2 . 0 - M E X I C O C I T Y


Jonny Sommer (Curator, s+s project/B!TCH3Z, Chicago)
Sofia Moreno (Director, s+s project, CDMX/Chicago)
Antonio Zaragoza (Director, Perras De Museo, CDMX)
Daniel McKernan (Artist/Musician/Filmmaker/Curator, NYC)

Curatorial Assistant:

Maggie Harrington (Co-Director Jacket Contemporary, Chicago)

About s+s project:

s+s project, founded 2009, is a non-profit, nomadic cultural space located in Chicago, IL that exhibits the work of non-conventional, often marginalized communities in select alternative spaces. Part curatorial endeavor/part performance art practice, s+s project resists popularly accepted ideas of art-making found within the canon of art history and seeks to build an accessible art world to live in and be accepted by. s+s project believes this is attainable only
by engaging in risks, creating new challenges and collaborating often on both local and international scales.

Curatorial Statment: Jonny Sommer (Curator, s+s project, Chicago)

Produced in collaboration with s+s project and Perras de Museo (CDMX), “HOMOCCULT 2.0 MEXICO CITY” was a series of group exhibitions that took place over the course of two weeks at multiple cultural sites in Mexico City. In this it’s second iteration, “HOMOCCULT 2.0 MEXICO CITY” was anchored by a group of queer experimental films curated by NYC artist Daniel McKernan and organized in conjunction with a series of visual, video and performance art exhibitions. With the work of over two dozen U.S. and Mexican contemporary artists, "HOMOCCULT 2.0 MEXICO CITY" manifested a distinct platform for collaborative, multicultural understandings of queer identity, the occult and cultural production.

As an artist-led and DIY collaborative curatorial effort, “HOMOCCULT 2.0 - MEXICO CITY” demonstrated an inclusive queer experience that focused upon artistic outliers in the US and Mexico whose stories demand the same creative agency as their mainstream counterparts. Transcending gender, race, sexuality and nationality though the framework of occultism as an aesthetic and conceptual antidote to modernity’s many anxieties and prejudices, this multi-part exhibition exemplified artists of diverse backgrounds from the U.S. and Mexico to unite in a new queer potential.

Sites for this two week exhibition of programming included Pulqueria Los Insurgentes, ArtSpace Mexico, Fundación del Centro Cultural del México Contemporáneo and Museo de la Ciudad, all of whom graciously donated time and space for this unique collaboration to occur and for which we give our utmost thanks and appreciation.