Curatorial Work > Thresholds Divine: Myths, Manias and Queer Morphologies, 2017

by ACRE Curatorial Fellow Jonathan
Sommer, presents new performance
work by Clothilde Cook,
Burning Orchid (Efrén Arcoiris,
Rosé Hernandez) and Caleb Yono
examining non-linear
narratologies, feminine interiorities,
and borderlines between the
sacred and profane.

To create a threshold is to realize a
boundary or limit by which one may
cross, whether for pleasure, pain or
transcendence. This exhibition
demonstrates an oscillation
across thesholds in brilliant flashes
of melodrama, movement, sound and
form as a survey of of private and
public realms that are created and
subsequently destroyed.

Clothilde Cook:

Clothilde Cook's work is interested in collective
memory, oral storytelling, myth and fairytale,
and symbiosis with the earth.
Feldspar Rhodochrosite is a drag project of a
male archetype of the fool and magician.
Feldspar incorporates music, vocals, poetry,
and entertainment to speak directly to the
TITLE: “Garden Pathways, Parts 1-3”
DURATION: Three 15 min segments

Charley Pride "Snake Crawl at Night" (Pt. 1)
Bjork "Come to Me" (Pt. 2)
Forest "Fading Light"(Pt. 3)
No Trend "Reality Breakdown" (Pt. 3)

*All songs reinterpreted by Jill Flanagan and Clothilde Cook,
Additional soundtrack by Jill Flanagan

Caleb Yono:

Caleb Yono is an interdisciplinary artist work-
ing to mediate discursive signs and effects of
identity, class, and sexuality through
representations of bodies charged with queer
potential and tendencies.

Yono received Links Hall Summer 2016 full ride
scholarship to attend ACRE.


Burning Orchid

Burning Orchid (Efrén Arcoiris, Rosé Hernandez)
An orchid so in bloom that it must
burst into flames. Fire, the creative force
of the universe.

Burning Orchid the meeting of the multi-
disciplinary practices of Rosé Hernandez and
Efrén Arcoiris, exists as a third entity which
moves towards a faceted crystalline form.
Hernandez brings experience in performance,
movement, and Butoh; while Arcoiris incor-
porate sculpture and installation. Both are
graduates of The School of the Art Institute
of Chicago.Hernandez and Arcoiris first
worked together in Hernandez’s production
Planet X, performed at Links Hall in 2013 as
a part of his Link Up residency. Having found
common ground with their Mexican-American
heritage and shared interests in materials,
movement, earthworks, ritual, gender roles,
and mythology, the two set out to create a
new body of work together.

Burning Orchid acts as a production team,
set to deconstruct identity and create new
earth(body)works, weaving them into Chicago’s
landscape and beyond. Burning Orchid
organizes a number of performances,
happenings, and situations along with ephemera
including videos, objects, drawings, and

TITLE: “Odessa”DURATION: 1hr 15min

An Authentic Skidmark
The Harold Washington Quartet (Hanna Brock,Derik Kendall, Jessica Lipon, Emily Pratt)
Lisa Stertz